An Exploration of the Human Psyche


Welcome to Blunt and Short. This is a blog dedicated to the exploration of humanity. There are so many questions and topics that run through my mind that never make … Continue reading

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The Fear of Fear.

This past Friday, we saw a horrific attack on the city of Paris. Coordinated bombings killed over 100 people and wounded triple that amount. The world is in outrage. How … Continue reading

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Climate Change: Innocent Until Proven Guilty

The trial on global warming is reaching its climax. Climate change is perpetually featured in the news, from UN summits in Paris to climate deniers in the Senate. The Earth’s temperature is increasing; … Continue reading

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Supporting Mother Earth: New York Style

This year the New York Antenna team celebrated Earth Day by participating in a 5K walk and green tour of our city. Organized by Earth Day Initiative New York, the 5K … Continue reading

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The changing climate for climate change

Silence spread across thousands of people. Hands rose in the air in unspoken agreement. Sirens rang in the distance, but the people remained quiet. Suddenly, a grumble began in the … Continue reading

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No Regrets.

I’ve recently made the choice to live without regrets. After some conversations with a person I value deeply, I realized that life is convoluted and full of difficult decisions. You … Continue reading

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Where Has the Good Will Gone?

Last night, I attended a Dance Marathon event. Dance Marathon was created in 1993 by a group of students who wanted to keep the memory of a lost friend alive … Continue reading

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Inner Weather.

The harder life is, the more we grow and learn about ourselves and one another. Failure is oftentimes more valuable than success. But we don’t like to talk about our … Continue reading

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